From the Principal’s Desk

Mrs. Chaitali Korde

Principal & Incharge Head,
BHS (General Stream)

We, at Baroda High School General Stream, seek to ensure that the talents and abilities of all students are nurtured and encouraged to flourish in a caring and supportive environment. We believe that truly excellent education is about more than academic achievement alone: it is also about developing a passion for learning, a capacity for independent thinking, moral values, self-confidence without arrogance, and genuine interests that extend beyond the confines of the classroom.

Our intention is to provide an inspiring education for life. We focus on developing the whole person, aiming to ensure that each pupil is ready to face the challenges of life at university and beyond and understanding their responsibilities towards others. We want our students to leave the school well equipped to engage positively with a rapidly changing world as accomplished problem solvers and innovators, confident in their ability to lead and with a clear appreciation of and respect for the views and potential of others.

The School is served well by teachers who share this vision. Their professional expertise helps to ensure high levels of academic achievement. Their commitment ensures that pupils also have access to a wide-ranging selection of co-curricular opportunities and activities.

With all my love, best wishes and blessings to our dear children!